Sell more - with Speedy

  • Delighten customers - with SpeedyTOUCH

    SpeedyTOUCH is the sales information system for Würth companies for the use on tablets and mobile devices, providing a state-of-the-art appearance in front of the customer. 

  • Innovation creates motivation

    More than 16.000 sale reps of the Würth Group are already working with Speedy. Whether SpeedyTOUCH, SpeedyLEAD, SpeedyCAT or SpeedyGO, Speedy offers a unique up- and cross-selling potential by instantly giving the most fitting product recommendation, adopted to the individual needs of every single customer.

  • Powerful features

    It´s a solution adopted by sales reps all over the world, featuring a central customer Dashboard, a guided interactive customer visit, or a personalized product offering for personalized sales recommendations.

  • Always improve

    Speedy combines technology, strategy and practice as a motivation factor for the entire company, with completely new possibilities to present our products in an interactive, exciting and emotional way. The Speedy motto: Working in sales is a high performance sport: No matter how good you are – there is always room for improvement.

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