• SEC4U

    Today’s cyber attack environment poses a serious threat to business operations every single day. SEC4U offers a comprehensive range of cyber security services to enhance security and protection for your business. 

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber attacks are increasingly complex and sophisticated. Enterprises therefore need a team of cyber security analysts – experts with relevant experience in the field – to identify potential vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring and threat analysis. 

  • Cyber Attacks

    The consequences of a cyber attack can be many and varied: from financial losses and image damage to data corruption, loss of revenue due to downtime for data recovery, exclusion from public tenders and the loss of particular UNI/ISO certifications. In addition, there are cyber blackmail attacks where ransom payments are demanded. 

  • Security

    Network security, application and information security, business process security, employee and management training – in a word: cyber security. There is a lot to take into account – not only technical but also human, organisational and legal aspects. SEC4U attempts to respond to these needs. 

Cyber Security Services